Frequentely Asked Questions

What are the delivery options?
Milkman SF provides a nostalgic Milkman delivery service with true Milkmen carrying a classic vintage wire carrier. We deliver to homes, businesses and markets in San Francisco once a week on Saturdays only between 7am - 12pm.

We also partner with the best markets in San Francisco who care about local food and people such as Bi-Rite, Rainbow Grocery, and Other Avenues. We also partner with Good Eggs who will deliver some our products around the entire Bay Area. We only deliver to San Francisco County.

What if I need fresh Almond or Hemp Milk delivered to me within an hour?
You can place an order through Instacart! They are a local delivery company who will go to a market who carries Milkman SF products and deliver it to you within an hour. Click here to order via Instacart.

What if we want to stock our company fridge with fresh Almond or Hemp Milk every week?
Send a message to

What are the benefits of fresh raw seed and nut milk?
Raw Hemp Milk and Raw Almond Milk are healthy delicious treats. They are high in vitamin E, an important antioxidant, and also contains minerals such copper and magnesium.

But is it really a RAW food?
Yes, it really is. Raw foods provide you with the important vitamins and minerals that many of us are lacking; they also reduce inflammation, encourage healthy digestion and stress and hormone balance.

It sounds pretty fresh. How long do Milkman SF milks last?

They taste best within 4 days of delivery. Our milks are fresh and raw meaning there are no preservatives or additives, which is why there is a shorter shelf life than boxed almond milks. We promise you'll taste the difference, and love it.

What about the boxed Hemp Milk and Almond Milk from the store?

Boxed almond milk contains harmful additives and preservatives including synthetic vitamins, emulsifiers, natural sweeteners, flavorings. Carrageenan, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin D2, Calcium Carbonate, and Tocopherol Acetate are toxic to digestive systems. Believe us, fresh raw seed and nut milk is well worth it.

Why do your milks separate?
That's natural seperation. That means all is well. Shake well and see the creamy deliciousness come together. The reason most almond milks from the grocery store don't separate, is because they have harmful preservatives and gelling agents that might make them look prettier, but they are known to be harmful to your body. Be sure to shake your Raw Hemp and Almond Milk well before consuming.

I have a nut allergy, can I drink the Hemp Seed Milk?
While we take precautions and use different equipment for making the Hemp Milk, it is made in a facility that processes nuts, so we highly do not recommend it.

Why glass bottles?
Milkman SF believes in a quality product and outstanding service. The glass bottles provide optimal taste, freshness, and quality. Milkman SF uses glass bottles because they are environmentally friendly and they stay colder. You will love the classic feel and taste out of the glass! There is a refundable deposit on all bottles. Recycle them, unless you want to reuse them :)

This sounds awesome is the Milkman concept making a comeback?
Well your neighborhood Milkman is back in San Francisco, except with plant-based beverages. There are still Milkmen delivering organic dairy products today, and even Milkmen and Milkmaids providing non-dairy alternatives as well. Jeff Leaf, the founder of the original Mylkman company revitalized the Milkman delivery concept with the first almond milk delivery company in 2009. We hope to see more non-dairy Milkmen in more and more cities near you in the future.

If I have more questions about Milkman SF products, who should I contact?
Please email with any additional questions.

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