Milkman SF is a local company that was started for people interested in healthy living and eating. We source the absolute best tasting and most nutrient rich ingredients to bring the Bay Area the healthiest and most delicious plant-based milk beverages. We produce fresh Hemp Milk and Almond Milk, and we deliver it to local markets, homes and businesses on Saturdays only. Our plant-based beverages are raw and unpasteurized, meaning they contain a high level of nutrients to make you feel better and healthier. The milks last for 5 days.

Milkman SF products are 100% vegan, dairy/soy-free, and do not contain any additives such as carrageen, gellan gum, lecithin or artificial sweeteners. Since our plant-based beverages are a raw living food, they are best enjoyed within 4-5 days. Remember to always shake well and keep it refrigerated.

Our milks are what we consider an ultra-premium beverage. We blend quality ingredients, hand squeeze/filter the milk and bottle it by hand. The process is very similar to how you would do it in your kitchen. You'll taste the difference.


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